Anthropos Gallery

Ron Normandeau
Fine Native American &
Pre-Columbian Art

Caskey & Lees
Asian & Tribal Arts
Folk Art & Spanish Colonial

Dimondstein Tribal Arts
Fine tribal art
from the African continent

Philip Garaway
Antique Native American Art, Vintage Western Paintings

Mark A. Johnson
Tribal Art

Traditional Art From Tribal Asia And The Western Pacific

Leonard Kalina
Fine Arts

Ancient Art of the Americas/ Asian Antiquities/Tribal Art

L.A. Tribal is comprised of experts in tribal art from Africa, Oceania, Asia and the Americas. Our mission is twofold: to offer quality, fairly-priced tribal art that is guaranteed to be authentic and to maintain the Los Angeles area as a major destination for collectors of fine tribal art.

This website provides information about L.A. Tribal members and showcases their diverse specialties. It also states policies so that collectors can buy with confidence knowing that L.A. Tribal members stand behind the authenticity of what they sell. More about the organization can be found under the About Us menu option.

To access the dealers’ online galleries, click on their names or click the Our Members menu option. To view periodic offerings by the group, choose the Showcase option. Resources for tribal art and a Calendar of events are also presented on the menu. To email L.A. Tribal, use the Contact menu option.

Please enjoy and thank you for visiting the L.A. Tribal website.

Exhibiting at the LA Art Show 2014
at the Los Angeles Convention Center January 15 - 19, 2014

Fily Keita

Quality, Authentic
African Tribal Art

KR Martindale
American Indian, Pre-Columbian & Latin Art, Including Paintings

Primary Source
John Strusinski
Indonesian Art

Jerry Solomon
Asian & Tribal Arts

Japanese Masks, Sculpture, & Armor - African, Oceanic, & Indonesian Tribal Arts

Stendahl Galleries
Ron Dammann
Fine Pre-Columbian Art
Since 1911