Mark A. Johnson Tribal Art

Traditional Art from Tribal Asia and the Western Pacific
By Appointment in Los Angeles (Marina Del Rey)
Mail: 578 Washington Blvd. #555 Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
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Mark Johnson has been a collector and dealer of antique Asian and tribal art for more than 40 years. He has traveled extensively to Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, India, Afghanistan, and other regions of Asia searching for the rarest and most interesting art and artifacts available. He acquires and sells only authentic tribal art and antiquities of the highest quality and condition and guarantees all sales as described.

His inventory includes wood and stone sculpture, masks, textiles, beadwork,jewelry, basketry, pottery, ancient bronzes, architectural pieces, and other miscellaneous ethnographic objects. He specializes in the tribal artifacts of Southeast Asia and Indonesia, primarily the headhunting cultures of Borneo, Sumatra, Sulawesi, and Nusa Tenggara (Sumba, Flores, Timor, etc.). He has hard to find objects from the lesser-known tribal societies of the Paiwan (Taiwan Island), the Naga (India/Burmese), and Jorai (Vietnam).
Mark Johnson has exhibited at all of the high end shows of Asian and Tribal Art across the United States, attended and vetted by the top dealers and experts in their respective fields. In addition he has participated as an advisor and/or lender to several exhibits of Asian and Tribal Art, including:

Lender and Advisor: “Elemental Art of the Indonesian Archipelago”. Mingei International Museum, San Diego, CA, May 2004-Oct. 2005.

"Facing East, Masks of the East and Artists Inspired by Them". Hammond Museum & Japanese Stroll Garden, New Salem, NY, 1999.

"A Transcultural Mosaic" objects from the permanent collection, including Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Mingei International Museum, San Diego, CA, 1998-99.

"The Beaded Universe", beadwork from around the world. Mingei International Museum, San Diego, CA, 1997 (The exhibit traveled to New York and North Dakota).

"Beyond the Java Seas", exhibit of Indonesian Art. Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C., 1991-92 (This exhibit also traveled to several venues in the USA, Europe, and Australia).

"Hornbills and the Sacred Dragon", exhibition of Indonesia Tribal Art. Museum of Man, San Diego, CA, 1991 (Mr. Johnson was the guest curator).

"The Other Face", exhibition of Indonesian Tribal Art. Mingei International Museum, San Diego, CA, 1991.

"Island Indonesia", exhibition of Indonesian Tribal Art. Irvine Fine Arts Center with the Bowers Museum, Orange County, CA, 1990.

"The Common Cord", exhibition of Central Asian Textiles. Seattle Art Museum, WA, 1986-87.

"The Eloquent Dead", exhibition of Indonesian Tribal Art. UCLA’s Fowler Museum of Cultural History, Los Angeles, CA, 1985.
#981: Ancestral Shrine Guardian Mask
#3205: Granary Door
#2470: Ceremonial Mask
#2135: Beaded Baby Carrier Panel
#3196: Ancestor Figure
#908: Ancestral Figure (Patong)
#3007: Magic Charm
#3232: Ceremonial Textile "Pua"