Jerry Solomon
Japanese Mingei Sculptures
A pair of Japanese wood sculptures carved in the "ichi Boku" method of single stroke hatchet or adze carving. This is an amazing technique showing the consummate skill of the sculptor. This pair of sculptures are portraits of an Ainu couple who are husband and wife. He is most likely an important chieftain or shaman. They wear the unmistakeable robes of the Ainu culture of Hokkaido Island, northern Japan. These are not Ainu tribal sculptures, but are a Mingei form of folk art by the artist who carved his name, "Koshoto" during the Taisho period, early 20th century. Koshoto might be an Ainu himself or just a Mingei arist.

Japan. Early 20th century. Male H: 17", W: 14.75". Female H: 14.5", W: 11".


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Ainu Pair